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Magic Island

by G.E.N.E.



The musical group G.E.N.E develops musical impressions of foreign, atmospheric holiday destinations. This leads to intense sound collages with the power of an inspiring film soundtrack.

The master-mind of G.E.N.E. is French-Canadian composer Cleo de Mallio: “GENE is the dot on the ‘i’ of my ideas. Using DAT-recording systems and special microphones I take sound samples from nature, process these samples at home on my computer, as if I were mixing the colors on a palette, and then I paint glowing pictures full of power and tenderness, full of elegance and depth.”

Travelling is Cleo’s passion. It must be exotic and rich in contrasts! She loves seclusion yet at the same time adventure. Michael Weisser, the producer of G.E.N.E. says: “Travel is one of the last great adventures of our time, to gather ideas, impulses and impressions, to broaden our horizons. And here is the fascinating and creative power of the music of G.E.N.E.”

“Creativity is very important to me” says Cleo “and creativity is necessary for actively leading my life, to get fulfillment, to feel and to think and to be able to act with responsibility. Creativity can only exist, where head and body are stimulated in the same way, namedly by integrated methods. Where should that be easier than in the intense atmosphere of the forces of nature, where earth, water and air meet and amplify themselves through taste, smell and sounds. In the never-ending variation of wild cloud formations, from blazing flames and breaking waves, I get my ideas.”

It is the fascination with paradise and wilderness, it is the yearning for the last few “pearls” on this globe. G.E.N.E. follows the call of distant shores – musically speaking. It is cult-music for those connoisseurs, who are seduced by the call of magical sound patterns, who are fascinated by the original tones and authentic sound samples of distant lands which swirl into atmospheric collages and merge with rivers of free-flowing melody.


released February 2, 1997


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G.E.N.E. Bremen, Germany

From Michael Weisser (producer of new age group 'Software') comes GENE, the first World_Music-Projekt in Germany!

While working on 'Software,' Weisser had the idea to combine electronic music with the natural sounds of strange locations around the world.

With help from the mysterious Canadian-born composer Cléo de Mallio, they recorded over 20 sonically diverse albums between 1987 and 2000.
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